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Ronnie SoldanoHello! My name is Ronnie Soldano. I was born in Los Angeles, California. My introduction and interest in photography came about when my high school counselor suggested it as an elective course. Black and Whites were all I focused on at the time. I remember being behind that Pentax ME 1000 camera. Unfortunately and regrettably I had to give it up after graduation, I was too poor to afford a camera, let alone the film. For years, I hadn’t touched a camera, but always found my thoughts yearning to be behind the lens. I traveled quite a bit in youth. I wanted to capture images of the places, faces, and events that I have visited. I’d say I had seen just over half of the United States by the time I was 18. I remember vowing to get back and log as much as I could. As time passed it had become a lost dream of photography. The it happened, so many years had passed until a fateful thoughtful moment in my life someone reunited me with a lost love… It was my ex-wife and still good friend. She gave me what had been missing in my life up until now. A very thoughtful gift, a Canon XSI Rebel that I am eternally grateful for, a blessing for sure that rekindled that flame.

I had been blessed with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II, and great L lenses(ask me about that amazing story sometime…lol). I have since evolved to the Mark III, and use Paul C Buff Einstein Lighting to help create and capture memories of others and of my own. I have traveled Coast to Coast, North and South, Border to Border. There are no words that can illustrate the joy I get from witnessing the happiness of others and presenting it back to them. Love and memories become timeless through my lens. It is an incredibly moving experience for all involved!

Since that fateful day when I received that incredible gift, I have since decided to pursue my passion in photography. I have found that unrehearsed natural emotion is critical to my art. I do enjoy studio portraits but it is no substitution for true life. It is my hope that I can capture natural emotional moments created by you…   

~ I am eternally and sincerely grateful to you Jeanie for helping me find a big part of me that I didn’t know I was missing, thank you.

Ronnie Soldano